How to Determine Your Skin Type

How to Determine Your Skin Type

Before deciding on any type of product to use for your own skincare regimen, you must first know your skin type so that you get all the proper benefits from your products. Trust us, you don’t wanna be splurging on the wrong kinds that end up harming your skin. So here’s what you do...

First, wash your face with a gentle cleanser and pat dry. Make sure all make-up is off. This gets rid of all the dirt and oil that may have accumulated during the day, giving your face a fresh start. But be careful not to overwash. Then 2-3 hours after washing, do a quick skin test:

The column containing the most checks indicates your skin type.You can also try dabbing your face with some tissue. When you do that, pay attention to the T-zone (area of your forehead and nose).

  • If you don’t notice any oil or flaking skin and your face feels supple and smooth, then you have Normal skin. Sooo lucky! ;-)
  • You have Oily skin if there is grease on the tissue. You will also notice that you have large pores and a natural shine.
  • If your face feels tight and is somewhat flaky, then you have Dry skin. This skin type is associated with small pores as well.
  • The most common skin type is Combination. This means that you have traits of all three skin types mentioned above. Usually, skin is oily in the T-zone and normal to dry everywhere else.

You also have to know what problems your skin might have. These are usually Sensitive skin and Acne-Prone skin. Sensitive skin reacts quickly to regular skincare products and it gets red and itchy. In some cases, rashes could form. Acne-Prone, on the other hand, means you get a lot of breakouts, even way past the teenage stage. This is common for oily skin types.There ya go! Now that you know your skin type, make sure that you customize your skincare accordingly. Stay tuned for my next entries to know which products are best!



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